Global Experience

Don’t just explore the world—experience it. Study it. Shape it. Change it. Our experiential learning programs take you across the globe. You might even find your life’s true calling.


undergraduates go abroad each year. Jackson Golden is one.

Jackson Golden

“I want to use baseball to connect people."

Northeastern student Jackson Golden and his friend?Raunaq Sahni?co-founded Grand Slam Baseball,?a nonprofit umbrella organization aimed at increasing participation and promoting upward mobility among baseball players in India. Jackson spent eight months there on a self-made co-op, convincing coaches, players, and league officials to join his effort to streamline the sport. Read the full story at news@Northeastern

Jackson Golden

To date, nine baseball leagues, academies, and tournaments have joined Jackson and Raunaq’s cause—and even more are waiting in the?wings.

Jackson Golden

Nike plans to donate hundreds of bats, gloves, and helmets to India’s fledgling ballplayers.

International stars:
Students work, study, and
do research in 131 countries
And they transform the places they go.

Engineers Without Borders

Northeastern’s chapter of Engineers Without Borders has designed and built clean water systems in Uganda and Honduras. Read the full story at news@Northeastern

Engineers Without Borders

“Our members have practical experience in engineering and that directly affects the work we’re able to?do.”

Engineers Without Borders

“Not only are we learning and benefiting from this work, we are also helping other?people.”

increase in countries where we offer experiential learning programs.
(since 2006)
Stanislas Phanord went to 4 of them.


"I will be a diplomat."

What’s next for Stanislas? The Fulbright Scholar and Rangel Fellow (and fluent French speaker) will teach in France and conduct human rights research on the relationship between France and other Francophone countries. Then comes grad school, an internship at a U.S. Embassy overseas, and then straight to the U.S. Foreign Service. But first, an internship with the U.S. Congress. Read the full story at news@Northeastern


Co-op #1: Research at the Geneva Center for Security Policy.

Co-op #2: Human rights advocacy in Senegal


“These global opportunities gave me an edge in seeking out the career I always wanted: to be a diplomat.”

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