Apply the concepts you learn in class to enrich your academic experience and empower people and communities in the U.S. and across the globe.

Each year, more than

1,100 students

complete more than

41,000 hours of service.

Ryanne Olsen is one of those students


"We want it to be really hard for people to miss what we're doing."

The Service-Learning Advocacy Workshop teaches students to spark reform. The course pushes them outside their comfort zones, forcing them to develop the same knowledge and skills that a professional lobbyist would bring to an?issue. “Often foster kids don’t have the opportunity to speak out and if they do it’s often not taken as credible. It’s a responsibility of the students in this class do not take lightly, and they’ve seen results, too, helping three pieces of legislation get passed in recent?years." Read the full story at news@Northeastern


"What can youth do?"


80+ service-learning partnerships

in 3 countries


Life changers in Zambia

"These experiences reverberate throughout the students' academics and their lives beyond Northeastern."

73 service-learning courses,

32 faculty members,

8 colleges.


“It’s really important that everyone knows they don’t have to be passive bystanders.”

Service-learning courses also allow students to interact with the community on subjects outside of the classroom, including techniques in bystander intervention. Human services major Eileen Rice worked with Mujeres Unidas Avanzando and met weekly with local women to discuss cultural stereotypes and empower them to be active bystanders in the face of gender-based abuse and violence. Read the full story at news@Northeastern


“I think people from all cultural backgrounds need to become aware of the options available to?them.”

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