You can do cutting-edge research with faculty who are among the best in their fields - all you need is curiosity, strong work ethic, and the passion for making a positive difference in the world.


students receive undergraduate
research awards each year.

Five of them invented the "Smart Bike"


"Smart Bike"

A group of mechanical engineering students invented new bike technology to alert cyclists and drivers to potential collisions. The key to the Bicycle Accident Prevention System, said one of the student-researchers, is that "it's interactive, which makes it a novel idea." Read the full story at news@Northeastern

smartbike small1

Sensors trigger a built-in speaker that alerts cyclists and drivers to potential collisions.

smartbike small2

With patents in hand, the student-researchers want to commercialize their invention.

smartbike small3

Faculty adviser: "This has huge commercial potential…an innovative and useful tool that the market needs."

More than 500 students
go on research-based co-ops
every year.

Lena King is one.



Lena King's research co-op focused on strate-gies for helping honey bees survive. As the lab manager at the Boston-based beekeeping company, Best Bees, Lena worked with the "golden and beautiful" buzzing organisms to understand how their colonies function, and analyzed the impact of a highly infectious fungus plaguing bees all the over the globe. Read the full story at news@Northeastern

bees small1

"Bees are one of the most prolific pollinators on the planet…extremely important for humans."

bees small2

"There's just something captivating about the way bees function, the way they move."

Northeastern's annual Research, Innovation and Scholarship Expo:

2,000+ attendees

900 presenters

Benjamin Greer was one of them.


Cities under water? Ben has a solution.

The architecture student and winner of the 2014 RISE Award cares about urban sustainability so much he's doing something about it.

"The infrastructural, ecological, and economic components apply to virtually any post-industrialized city around the globe."

"They were able to contribute to those projects so quickly and with such depth because they had the job experience."


Experience makes lab experiments better.

"They know how to set up a chemistry experiment. They have done it every day for six months at drug companies."

"We had a number of papers published with undergraduate authors. And they all joined the lab after they did co-op."

Michael Pollastri
Associate Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

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