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05/01/2019: First Enrollment Deposit Due:
06/01/2019: Second Enrollment Deposit Due:
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We’re hard at work getting the website ready with sites for fall 2020—stay tuned for the announcement in early February.

What is The Program?

The Program, Northeastern University’s signature first-year global experience founded in 2007, embodies Northeastern’s experiential approach to education. Through,?students have a rigorous academic experience intertwined with unparalleled opportunities outside of the classroom. This experience supports students’ growth as global citizens and fine-tunes the skills needed to navigate the future.

Students admitted to The embark on a unique first year that takes place in two historic cities. You study abroad in your first semester with other Northeastern first-year students at a partner institution of your choosing based on your major compatibility, age requirements,?and program capacity, and return to study in Boston for spring semester. Upon arriving in Boston for the spring term, you will be returning to an community of more than 7,200 students (in addition to the university alumni community of 255,000+), as well as a network of faculty, staff, advisors, and peers ready to support you.

How can I learn more about The Program?

We’re excited to support you and your family as you explore the incredible opportunities offered through The and the university as a whole.?We encourage admitted students to:

Register for any of these events through your?Application Status Check.



Is The right for me?

Studying abroad can be a rewarding and enriching life experience. Imagine starting your undergraduate career in an exciting, global setting. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime. return from their time abroad more adventurous, bold, ambitious, intellectually curious, reflective, and independent. Time spent traveling the world can be thrilling, but it can be challenging as well. Before making your college decision, remember to take time to gather the information you need by visiting our campus, speaking with, and evaluating your own goals and feelings about studying abroad. Reflect on whether The will be a good fit for you by asking yourself:

Curious about costs and payment information?

Cost:?The cost for all locations for fall 2019 was $35,995 (USD). Details for fall 2020 sites will be provided in early February.?The program fee generally includes:

tuition, housing, dedicated 24/7 support staff, group flight fare and coordination, pre-departure orientation, on-site orientation, group excursions, activities, and potentially other site-specific activities.

Financial Aid:

While enrolled in The, students who file for financial aid are considered for need-based Northeastern funding only. Grants, loans, and work awards from federal and state sources cannot be applied to the fall semester. Students can use these financial options beginning in the spring semester for those who qualify.

The?Office of Student Financial Services?prides itself on offering expert advice, friendly service, and personalized support. Northeastern offers more than $281 million in grant and scholarship assistance, participates in all federal aid programs, and offers information on alternative financing and the Northeastern Payment Plan.

For additional information regarding financial aid, deadlines, and more, please visit the?Student Financial Services website.


Ready to Enroll?

We’re excited that you’ll be joining us this fall! To enroll:


Still have questions?

We’re happy to connect with you. Please reach out to us directly at or +1.617.373.6447.

If you’re looking for employment opportunities for fall 2020, staff positions will be posted in early 2020. If you have questions, please contact

If you’re an alumni looking for details on requesting a transcript or other information, please contact

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